Flash Crystal Soil
Flash Crystal Soil is a kind of polymer which is able to repeatly absorb and store water and nutrients needed for plants and then release on demand in a long period. It’s widely used in indoor planting and flower arrangement.

With its stable quality, colorful and crystal shining appearance and great absorbent capacity, it becomes a wonderful ornament for home, hotel, restaurant and festivals. Moreover, it can be used as crystal fragrance by mixing together with perfume.

Flash Crystal has 6 colors available, including: golden silver green blue purple and pink. It has flash appearance and round shape. It has advantage of environmental safe less watering frequency and no soil need. Colorful noble and elegant flash crystal is good for the decoration and festival party

It’s an innovation product which leads the fashion of modern in-house planting and decoration field and it has become the best sale products in Australia, Greece, UK, Brazil, Japan and HongKong, etc.