Inflatable Sandbag
Inflatable sandbag is a kind of high-tech product with super absorbent polymer instead of traditional sandbag, they can quickly absorb hundred times of water in a short time after being immersed in water, compared with traditional sandbag, it’s more portable and efficient, so the application is more and more widely used in the world.

1. Store the inflatable sandbag in its protective wrapper in a dry space which is easy to get in case of emergency.
2. When the situation arises, open and remove the emergency sandbag from its wrapper.
3. Ensure that the crystal clay within the bag is equally spread.
4. Immerse the bag in water for 3 to 5 minutes until fully saturated.
5. Place the bags as you would standard sandbags utilising plastic sheeting between layers to ensure a watertight seal.
6. Once the emergency sandbag has been used. Cut open the bag and remove the contents. The contents can be put on the garden and used for retaining water.
7. The content is a non-pollutant environmentally safe super absorbent polymer(SAP). Dispose of the outer with your normal refuge.